A Hello from Class

I am currently in my CCNA class, waiting for dismissal.

We finished the activity early and have time to rest.

The past few weeks have been okay. I am tired, as usual, but still okay.

I will be blogging again once I get home. My Super Pop Con blog is long overdue.

While writing this, we were given another laboratory activity so I have to go.

Again, Hello. I hope you guys are having a great day!



Out of Mind

I am going to be honest, I forgot I had a blog.

Hello! I cannot believe it has been over a month since I last posted.

School started last month but I am already exhausted.

For the past 39 days, I have done over 10 activities, took a few quizzes, performed lab activities, went to a concert alone, met a few people, talked to a twitter following who doesn’t follow back, almost failed an exam and took another exam, got embarrassed, spent a lot, started playing Final Fantasy IX, is currently stressed, and been sleeping a lot.

I still need to study for the Civil Service Examinations on August 6th.

Today, the classes were suspended due to the thunderstorm and I am thankful to have had a day of rest. Tomorrow, I will be updating on the two concerts I have been to this year and finish two other drafts that have been there since last month. Classes were suspended for tomorrow as well, so I have time.

I feel sleepy. I hope everyone has a great time. Please take care!

Resident Evil + UNO Day


I spent the day lying down and watching the Resident Evil animation movies. I have not played the games as I become afraid very easily but I have watched my dad play all of them (except VII and Code). I don’t think I will ever play it. I did try, believe me, but I jump off my seat every time they pull the trigger or a zombie comes out. 

The 3rd movie for the animation will be out in Japan late this month and will be out in the Philippines and other countries  early to mid-June. I am very excited to see Leon (and probably Ada) in action. I always look forward to the Resident Evil franchise. 

Other than that, I laid down and read postspostsand watched videos on Facebook until evening. 

At night, I played UNO with my siblings and a cousin and it was fun. Our cousin made a mistake of swapping his color wheel to my bunch of cards so I won for the last game. I want to play again. 

I’m going to bed now. Probably going to read fanfiction before sleeping. 

I hope every had/is having a good day. Take care! 

To Write Again


It has been a while since I wrote an update here.

The second semester of the year started last week, Thursday. We did not have professors for the day and it was a waste of time. Friday, we had two professors. I somehow wished we didn’t.

This week was busier than the last. We have met four professors this week and I can already feel the stress.

I have been a bit too tired yet it is only the 8th day through the semester. Please do wish me luck.

By the way, my dad said he will accompany me to South Korea next year! I will finally be able to go and I am very excited. I plan on arranging everything by the end of November. I still have a problem I need to solve.

I hope everyone is having a great rest.

Good night!

Almost Done

I know I haven’t been able to post a lot since the semester started. I’ve been really busy. I missed writing.


The semester is finally almost at its end. It has already ended for some, but I still have a project to finish to be submitted on Monday. It’ll be my last day for the semester.

I have been feeling exhausted for the past few weeks. No, not just a week or two; a few weeks more than two. I haven’t been eating well either; about one to none times a day do I eat a meal. I don’t have the energy to eat and don’t have the time to sleep.

Everything has been very stressful as well lately. Project deadlines and exams have been on my mind for the past couple of weeks. I have also been getting told about how bad I am at my program and about how not good I am as a person. Everything hurts deeply and I have been feeling really down.

I want to write more but I can’t. Hopefully, I will have more this semester break.

Also, during my volunteer work, someone shouted at me and it made me feel uneasy. I ended up crying in front of the team last October 2nd. ūüė¶

Today, I went to school and ended up doing nothing. Haha.

Recently, I have been having a crush on this guy from my class. He has a really nice smile and he seems nice. He likes kidding around as well. He sent me a message on SNS today and it made me feel happy. I haven’t felt this kind of feeling for a loooooooooong time. Really.

Tomorrow, October 16th, I will be going to NCT PH’s gathering. Then, I’ll be finishing up my CISCO assignments as well as my Database project. Wish me luck~

In the meantime, I will sleep. I need some rest.

I’ll try to write more when my real break starts.

Good night~

End of July, Start of August

My End of July

The last week of July has been one of the greatest weeks of my 2016! I had a lot of fun with classmates and a few other people.

Around midweek, I was offered an extra ticket to Bangtan Boys’ Epilogue in Manila. It was given to me at a discounted price, so I bought it immediately. The Friday of the week, I ate with a few classmates at Mang Inasal. It was fun. I also met another ate.¬†We got immediately close.

By Saturday, I had my weekly Korean language class. The sessions were always fun and I do learn a lot. I wish I could continue to Elementary 1 next semester.

Saturday was also the day of BTS’ concert and I arrived at the venue past 1PM. I met up with my classmates. We went around the venue and ate at Jollibee. I met up with another one around 4:30PM and lined up by 5PM. BTS’ concert was one great experience.

After the concert, I met up with teamwaffles’ maknae, Pam. I’ve known her for two years and I finally met our baby. It was really nice to meet you, Pam! I love you.

See: BTS Concert Experience (blog to be posted soon!)

Selena Gomez’ concert was scheduled the next day. It was a regular day for most of the day. I left the house an hour after I went to church. I was alone during the concert but I met¬†two ate’s while I was there. I’m becoming friendlier! Lol. I finally met my childhood idol. I cried lots but did enjoy it as well. I also can check off the ‘Go to a concert’ on my list of things I want to do alone.

As I was alone during Sel’s concert, I waited until around half past 6 inside Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I wrote a poem while waiting! It was awesome. I’ll be posting about it tonight as well.

See: Selena Gomez Concert Experience (blog to be posted soon!)

See: [POEM] I Want to Write

My Start of August

August 1st was great as well. I was late for my first class and couldn’t go to class, but I went home with a box of donuts! I’ve been thinking about buying BTS’ new photo book: Summer in Dubai.

August 2nd was okay. It was stressful and sad, but I’m okay. I might not be able to go to Korea by January 2017, unlike planned.

August 3rd, I watched the Conan movie!! It was a less stressful day. I bought cupcakes as well.

August 5th will be Girls’ Generation’s 9th debut anniversary. I’m so proud of my girls.

I decided on collecting again. To other people, it might be a waste of money, but to me, it’s what makes me happy. I’ll be buying less impulsively, though! I promise! ‚̧

The rest of August might be great. Lots of Korean Pop groups are coming back and I can’t wait!

*Will be updating this tonight. It’s 1:33 AM and I can’t really think that straight but I’ll be publishing this now.


A Grid


I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything this July! I have been very busy and to be honest, I feel like the day just passes by with a snap of a finger.

A few months ago, I told myself I would stop collecting Korean albums, but a few days ago, I felt like collecting again. I did stop for about a year, but I realized that collecting is just a part of me. I have been collecting things since elementary. It gives a different feeling, almost as fulfilling as buying food for myself (lol). I will try not to buy spontaneously and think about what I really want and what I really need as I also still have travel plans until 2019.

Also, this will be a sad part, but an¬†aunt passed away a week ago. I had been going to the wake since Tuesday but I couldn’t go today and yesterday as I still have exams the following week. It’s really sad because she still has five children who are still very young. Please pray for her soul.¬†Her body will be buried tomorrow morning.

I’ve also been feeling like a zombie. I haven’t had any ‘good’ sleep and exams are just two days away. Pray for me.

Korean language class is getting harder. We’re currently on Chapter 6: Time. I don’t understand some parts and it’s really sad :c I will work hard.

I’m looking for an instagram grid idea so I could get a pretty feed on my card collecting account, but it’s hard to find. Halp.

I decided to put random photos as featured images. Hehe~

I hope everyone takes care~ Till next time! Bye~