Six Days

Oh, hello!

I haven’t posted anything in six days so I posted a few today! Yay!

I only have about two weeks left till my vacation ends and school starts again. Although I’ve started attending Korean language lessons last Saturday.

The past two weeks have been very stressful and tiring, but also fun.

We picked up a few merchandise for Beagles Fan Shoppe and got to talk to fellow Korean Pop fans as well.

Will be blogging about everything tomorrow, I promise. Haha!

Come to think about it, I haven’t even posted a review of the BTOB album I showed two months ago.

Good night~


Here and There

This week has been pretty busy.

  • I got tired.
  • I enrolled to a language class.
  • I enrolled for the first semester.
  • I walked for hours.
  • I was sent to the hospital.
  • I had a needle stuck an the back of my hands for four hours.
  • I laughed.
  • I walked again.
  • I have been somewhere people want to be.
  • I watched the final episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
  • I started watching the third season of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
  • I wrote on my diary.
  • I found an old diary.
  • I cried.
  • I smiled.
  • And cried another ton.

It sure was fun. And tomorrow, I will be going to the SEVENTEEN Philippines Gathering. I will be writing about my week tomorrow evening, if I still have the energy to. But right now, I’ll go to sleep as it is getting late. Good night!